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Islamic Cure & Care (IC&C) since 2010 IC&C have worked endlessly to help our clients curing ailements, diseases, disorders ACCORDING TO QUR`AN AND SUNNAH and helping to cure or at lest reduce pain by Allah’s permission. We are a team of fully qualitified practioners in Ruqyah(Qur`anic healing therapy),Al-hijama (wet cupping therapy) and Al-tib an`nabawi(prophetic medicine) with many years of experience and dedication to wellbeing, and extremelely knowledgable in Ruqyah and Al-hijama cupping therapy and its’ medical procedures, with an international clientele, having clients visit us from world wide, you’ll know you’re in a good hands with us!


Islamic Cure & Care, prides itself in providing professional and well informed advice and therapies, with customer satisfaction being of outmost importance, IC&C also prides itself in prodiving a comfortable and hyginic sterile environment, health and safety is of outmost importance to us.


Why you should consider us:

  • We provide qualified professional team of male and female with a wealth of experience full time.
  • We follow a strict internal code of professional conduct.
  • Fully Qualitified and Insured practitioners, being able to treat both men and women.
  • Adherence to strict universal cross-infection control procedures. Hygyine is extremely important to us.
  • Proffesional, with years of experience and extremely knowledgebale in Ruqyah, Al-hijama and Al-tib an`nabawi.
  • High Health & Safety Standards, and procedures to safeguard vulnerable patients.
  • We provide tailor made treatements for a vast variety of conditions.
  • Registered with BIHMC (British Islamic Holistic Medicine Council) & HPMI (Hijama & Prophetic Medicine Institute).
  • Home visits in urgent cases
  • We don’t count the number of cups used, we use all the cups necessary for you treatment at NO EXTRA COST!

Islamic Cure & Care, with an International Clientele, and years of knowledge and expereience, you know you will be in safe and proffesional hands with us!


Please note:....

( ladies wanting to partake in Ruqyah will need to be acompained by a Mahram).