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Qust al Hindi (indian costus ) powder 50g


The plant of the Qust, which is known as Costus is 2 metres in length and is generally found in the northwest and northeast of the sub Himalayan regions. The roots are used for medicinal purposes. Ibn Hajr (may Allah have mercy upon him) quotes Ibn 'Arabi (may Allah have mercy upon him) as saying that there are 2 types of costus; Qust al-Bahri (Sea Incense Costus) and 'Oud al-Hindi or Qust al-Hindi (Indian Wood Costus). As for Qust al-Bahri (Sea Incense Costus) then it is white and as for 'Oud al-Hindi or Qust al-Hindi (Indian Wood Costus) then it is hotter Qust al-Bahri (Sea Incense Costus) and darker. [vol. 10, 148 Shamila].

The Messenger (SWS) said, "Use this 'Oud al-Hindi (Indian Wood Costus) because it contains 7 types of cures, it is sniffed by the one having throat trouble, and is put inside the mouth of one suffering from pleurisy". [Saheeh al-Bukhari (5692)].

Modern researches suggest that Qust (Costus) is a blood purifier, antiseptic and increases the cutaneous circulation. Hence, it might be used to treat dandruff, freckles, and ringworm. It is a good insect repellent. Hence, might be used to keep off the insects from the clothes. Internally it is a good anti-spasmodic and neurotonic, hence, might be used to treat coughs, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, paralysis, facial palsy and neurasthenia.

How to take Qust (Costus):
1. 1tsp costus, 1tsp honey in warm water, ideally on an empty stomach, once a day.
It is used to treat; stomach pains, stomach upsets, diarherra, constipation, colon problems, blood clots, tumours, cancer, cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma, breathing problems, cleanses the womb, increases fertility, strengthens muscles after labour, contracts the womb, aids weight loss (take twice daily, morning and evening), diabetes (without the honey).
2. 1tsp costus, 1tsp honey, mix together and apply to the skin surface. Leave for 2 hours and then rinse off.
It is used to treat; acne, pimples, spots, scars, burns, nappy rash, mosquito bites, eczema, thrush, piles and as a face mask.

Can also be used for Ruqya to expel magic or jinn.

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Both roots dry out excess phlegm, and help remedy head cold, or acute nasal congestion (catarrh; Arb. zukaam). 
Drinking an infusion of costus helps weakness of the liver, weakness of digestion, slackness of the stomach, stomach flu, diarrhea of the liver; and helps as an antipyretic to abate febris recurrence, quells quartan phlegmonous fever.
An ointment of it helps backache, or rheumatic pain in the lumbar region (lumbago); also kills ringworm, and to remove dry scales shed by the skin, including dandruff.
Costus also can help spasmodic contractions and rigidity of voluntary muscles (tetanus).
Costus is used in the treatment of pleurisy.  
Costus roots also help asthmatic symptoms and heaviness of the chest. 
An inunction of costus mixed with water and honey helps to control skin discoloration on the face and the chest resulting from pregnancy or malnutrition. Also helps the removal of scars, surgical or otherwise. 



Qust al Hindi (indian costus ) powder 50g

Qust al Hindi (indian costus ) powder 50g
Name Qust al Hindi (indian costus ) powder 50g
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